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The Women Missing Out On The State Pension

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At Castlegate, we’ve noted some recent enquiries about the state pension and how women are affected by the rules. In short, many women who reached retirement age before April 2016 may be losing out on thousands of pounds from their state pension. The reason for this is widely unknown and we wanted to draw your attention to it here, in case you are affected.

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The state pension – why some women are losing out

Under the UK’s pension rules, women who attained state pension age before April 2016 are entitled to a “top-up” of their basic state pension if it is under 60% of their husband’s. Many people have not noticed this, however, due to an error in government computer systems or simply because they were unaware of this important benefit.

Why it matters and who is affected

This is important because the missed state pension entitlement could add up to a large amount of money. If you receive £55 per week and retired in 2010, for instance, then you might be due an extra £1,000 per year (depending on your husband’s state pension).

Those most likely to be affected are women married to men (not civil partners or unmarried couples), who reached state pension age before April 2016 and who have a state pension income which is 60% or lower compared to their husband.


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