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Our capabilities and passion for the highest quality service mean you can enjoy the best of both worlds – dedicated personal service and tailored wealth solutions.
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Heather Hodson

Chartered Financial Planner

Heather has been with the firm since 2004 and during this time has achieved Chartered Financial Planner status. Heather is an…

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Mr M Day

“I would recommend Castlegate Financial Management for their guidance and expertise in the process of recommending an appropriate investment product.”


Mr A & Mrs V Trumper

“With expertise such as this we could certainly recommend Castlegate to anyone wishing to seek financial advice.”


Mr D Maclaren

‘I’m very grateful and value what you do for me”.


Mr W & Mrs S Oakes

“We are pleased with the advice and action you provided last year and the resultant benefits for the pension plan.”


Mr S Weedon

“I called on Castlegate Financial Management to guide me through my investment options when I retired. I was delighted with their very professional and thorough service.”


Mrs J Kirk

“Thank you for looking after our investments, your help has been much appreciated.”


Mrs I Morland

“Thank you for your support and advice over 20+ years. It’s always been a comfort to know you have been at the other end of the phone.”


Mr M Crush

“I am extremely grateful for all your help, your professional advice and your follow-up; all of which made this transfer of funds so swift and efficient.”

Your Adviser, Your Way

Financial advice is always personal. Choose to speak to an adviser in person at your home, our offices or on a video call. Get in touch today on 01476 855 585, or visit our contact page.

Castlegate Financial Management is a well established independent financial advisory business that has achieved chartered status.

Operating from its head office in Grantham, Castlegate is proud to have now spent 25 years serving clients across the region, meeting with clients at their homes, business premises or at unit sites of its sister businesses across the East Midlands.

Our services are available from 11 offices covering Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire to provide help and guidance to clients, irrespective of circumstances.

Our capabilities and passion for the highest quality service mean you can enjoy the best of both worlds – dedicated personal service and tailored wealth solutions.

Whatever your financial requirements, be they corporate or personal affairs, Castlegate Financial Management offers fully independent advice from our team of experienced advisers.

Latest from Castlegate…

Investing: a short guide for beginners

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For beginners, investing can seem both intriguing and intimidating. You might be excited by the idea of building wealth, yet confused by the jargon and concepts put forward by the investing world. The good news is that anyone can get started with investing in 2024 if they take the time to develop financial education.

Money-saving tips for 2024

| Savings | No Comments

Prices rose sharply in 2023 across the economy. Inflation stood at 10.4% in February last year, although the figure had fallen to around 4% by December. This compares to 4% in France and 3.8% in Germany, although it still hangs above the Eurozone average (2.9%) and US inflation rate (2.5%).

5 big pension mistakes to avoid

| Pensions | No Comments

A single mistake with your pension can significantly hurt your retirement finances if you are not careful. One key reason for errors is that pensions can be complex, leading to misunderstandings. Indeed, one study found that half of UK adults find pension information “overwhelming”. As financial planners here in Grantham, one of our main goals is to make financial information (e.g. about pensions) more accessible – empowering clients to make more confident decisions about their money.

The emotional benefits of a financial adviser

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Recent polls suggest that 10% of UK adults feel “hopeless” about their financial circumstances and 34% feel “anxious”. Moreover, stigma is still a barrier to people opening up and getting expert help. Half of British adults are reluctant to talk to a credit union or bank about their financial difficulties. For others, questions about money can feel confusing or overwhelming, leading many to delay finding answers due to the stress involved.