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Our capabilities and passion for the highest quality service mean you can enjoy the best of both worlds – dedicated personal service and tailored wealth solutions.
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Marie Kerr

Deputy Office Manager

Marie is the Deputy Office Manager at Castlegate. Marie started with the firm in 2013 as administration support, quickly becoming part of a busy adviser team…

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Mrs J Kirk

“Thank you for looking after our investments, your help has been much appreciated”.


Mrs M Swanwick

“Lisa’s help and assistance has been invaluable”.


Mrs M Swanwick

“I contacted Castlegate when I was in need of advice on where to best invest my pension”.


Mr S W

“I called on Castlegate Financial Management to guide me through my investment options when I retired. I was delighted with their very professional and thorough service”.


Mr T B

“Nicola Brown of Castlegate has been extremely professional and helpful in assisting me in answering the many pension questions that I had”.


Mr W & Mrs S Oakes

“We are pleased with the advice and action you provided last year and the resultant benefits for the pension plan”.


Mr D Maclaren

‘I’m very grateful and value what you do for me”.


Mr A & Mrs V T

“With expertise such as this we could certainly recommend CFM to anyone wishing to seek financial advice”.


Mr M D

“I would recommend Castlegate Financial Management for their guidance and expertise in the process of recommending an appropriate investment product”.


Mr T M

“My sincere thanks to Nick for his advice”

Pensions & Investments

A well prepared pension plan which is regularly reviewed should go some way to providing you with a reasonable level of income in your retirement.
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Castlegate Financial Management is a well established independent financial advisory business that has achieved chartered status.

Operating from its head office in Grantham, Castlegate is proud to have now spent 25 years serving clients across the region, meeting with clients at their homes, business premises or at unit sites of its sister businesses across the East Midlands.

Our services are available from 11 offices covering Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire to provide help and guidance to clients, irrespective of circumstances.

Our capabilities and passion for the highest quality service mean you can enjoy the best of both worlds – dedicated personal service and tailored wealth solutions.

Whatever your financial requirements, be they corporate or personal affairs, Castlegate Financial Management offers fully independent advice from our team of experienced advisers.

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4 Pension Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

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Organising your pension ahead of time is arguably one of the most important and beneficial decisions you’ll ever make. For most people, their pension(s) will form the pillar of their retirement income, which has big implications for your financial security and quality of lifestyle once you reach later life.

Is Inheritance Tax a Voluntary Tax?

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Many people are resigned to the idea that they will have to pay a large inheritance tax (IHT) bill on their estate one day. However, is this the case? In 2014, left-wing politician Tony Benn made headlines by leaving a £5m estate to his children whilst avoiding a large IHT bill.

Business Sale: How Should I Invest the Proceeds?

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Selling a business which you have spent many years building is a huge decision. Not only are there significant emotions to process as you “let go of your baby”, there are also huge tax and financial planning implications to consider. In particular, what should you do with the capital you receive from the business sale?

Investing for Income: A Short Guide

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Everyone’s financial goals are different. For many people (e.g. lots of people approaching retirement) their investment strategy might be primarily geared towards wealth preservation, perhaps to insulate their capital from market shocks as they prepare to buy an annuity.