At Castlegate we are dedicated to providing a high quality personal service and tailored wealth solutions. See what our clients have to say about their experiences…


Mr N Rudolph

“One of the things I really like about Castlegate is that you and your colleagues have never pushed me into doing something I don’t want or need. On the contrary, your advice has always been something I can trust.”


Mrs J Kirk

“Thank you for looking after our investments, your help has been much appreciated.”


Mr J Campion

“I have always found Castlegate to be knowledgeable, helpful and trustworthy in providing pension, insurance and savings advice to me over a number of years. Financial services was an area where I found it difficult to get straight answers until I started talking with Castlegate. Castlegate have given me the confidence to trust their advice as it’s proven to be correct over the many years they have been helping me. Over the last 18 months they have been especially helpful during my house move in arranging insurance with online and telephone support where we couldn’t meet face to face. It’s been seamless and convenient, a real winning way of working.”


Mr S Weedon

“I called on Castlegate Financial Management to guide me through my investment options when I retired. I was delighted with their very professional and thorough service.”


Mr T Burfield

“Nicola Brown of Castlegate has been extremely professional and helpful in assisting me in answering the many pension questions that I had. Castlegate have been supportive in their approach and the way in which they treated me as a client. They listened to my requirements, investigated and reviewed my circumstances and advised me very well. Castlegate responded to all of my questions very efficiently and kept me informed at all times in a clear and easy to comprehend manner. I am very happy with the work that Castlegate did for me.”


Mr W & Mrs S Oakes

“We are pleased with the advice and action you provided last year and the resultant benefits for the pension plan.”


Mr D Maclaren

‘I’m very grateful and value what you do for me”.


Mr A & Mrs V Trumper

“With expertise such as this we could certainly recommend Castlegate to anyone wishing to seek financial advice.”


Mr M Day

“I would recommend Castlegate Financial Management for their guidance and expertise in the process of recommending an appropriate investment product.”


Mrs K Wright

"Nicola is friendly, professional and knowledgeable and not at all pushy. She has given useful advice on pensions and life insurance and has answered any queries promptly. We have had virtual appointments which have worked well and saved time. I would recommend Nicola to anyone needing financial advice and planning support."


Mrs I Morland

“Thank you for your support and advice over 20+ years. It’s always been a comfort to know you have been at the other end of the phone.”


Mr M Crush

“I am extremely grateful for all your help, your professional advice and your follow-up; all of which made this transfer of funds so swift and efficient.”