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The State Pension: Simply Explained

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On 5th April 2017, the state pension system changed in the UK. As we leave the festive holidays behind us, it may be that you think now is the time to understand how it all…

How to invest

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There is no substitute for diversification; constructing a portfolio of uncorrelated assets. When you look at the performance of the 13 most common different asset classes over the last 30 years, you will see there…

Retirement – running out of money

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You’re hoping to retire in the near future but, understandingly given the historic low level of interest rates, are not attracted to annuities for your pension pot. So how can you ensure you can make…

Bereavement Benefits

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The bereavement support payment has now replaced the previous bereavement payment, bereavement allowance and widowed parent’s allowance benefits. The initial lump sum payable is higher, but the monthly benefit is lower. For those without dependent…