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Castlegate Annual Team Update

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We recently held our annual team update, bringing the whole team together to review the group’s performance and achievements with Castlegate having its most successful year to date. We looked back on the history of…
IFA in Lincoln talks about inheritance tax

Just had a big Inheritance? Here’s what you could do with it

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Receiving an inheritance is often a strange time, emotionally. On the one hand, there’s the thrill of a big windfall. On the other, is likely a sense of grief and guilt over how it arrived…

A Quick, Easy Guide to Investing in Fixed Interest Securities (“Bonds”)

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As Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) in Lincoln, we have seen hundreds of client portfolios in our time. For the vast majority of them, bonds have been an important part of their investment mix. In this…

Jargon Busting: An Easy Guide to Protection Planning

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Protection planning is all about protecting and preserving your wealth, for the benefit of you and your loved ones. Many different life events or unfortunate circumstances can have a negative impact on your finances in…