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Your 2021-22 allowance checklist

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Christmas is a good stopping-point to evaluate whether you are on-track to get the most from your yearly allowances. Doing so can help you save on tax and put more hard-earned money back into your…

How might working from home affect retirement?

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Prior to COVID-19 in 2020, working from home was gaining popularity in the UK. In 1981, only 1.5% reported that their role was mostly remote, but by 2019 this stood at 4.9%. Following the Government’s…

Review your financial protection for 2022

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With the arrival of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, we are once again reminded that we live in an uncertain time. This raises the question: are your finances prepared for difficult situations and events? Specific…

What is stagflation -and is it coming?

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Inflation refers to the rising overall cost of living (goods and services) in an economy. Yet what is “stagflation”, and what impact could it have on your wealth and finances? What is the likelihood of…