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Private Medical Insurance: A Short, Simple Guide

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Private Medical Insurance (PMI, or sometimes just called “health insurance”) aims to help you cover your costs if you go to a private doctor for treatment. However, given that most of us have access to…
Guide to Retirement Tax

My Final Salary Pension: What is it & should I Keep it?

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Perhaps you are starting to think about retirement, have spoken to your employer and realised you have a “final salary pension”. What does that mean? Maybe you have gone on to do some research and…
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Which is better for retirement: annuity or income drawdown?

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Under 2019-20 pension rules in the UK, you are allowed to start taking money out of your pension savings once you reach 55. How you take the money, however, is another matter. Generally speaking, you…

Should you rely on an inheritance to fund your retirement?

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Did you know that the ONS found that the average inheritance across the UK is about £11,000? The figure jumps to an average of £33,000 for those receiving an inheritance between ages 55-64, but those…