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A tower of coins, illustrating precariousness in financial planning without the help of a qualified IFA in Newark or elsewhere

4 Little-Known Tips To Counter Your Investment Biases

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In our last article, we talked about how easy it is for human beings to make irrational investment decisions - often based on fear, misinformation or raw panic. As financial advisers, the basic argument we…
Stones on the beach, illustrating choice and variety in investment choices when discussing plans with a financial adviser in Nottingham

The Big Secret Behind Your Poor Investment Decisions

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All of us make illogical and irrational decisions. It’s part of being human. This can however, have big negative consequences in our personal lives. Moreover, this nonsensical tendency can also creep into our finances -…
Image of hammer htting a nut, illustrating how financial planning can go wrong with independent financial advice from an adviser in Lincoln

Pound Cost Ravaging

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With annuity rates low, many retirees avoid or delay annuity purchase. Instead they seek to live off the investments within their pensions. If you are in this situation, even if you are comfortable to continue…
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2017-2018 Money Tips: Getting The Best Deal From Your Allowances (Part II)

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Continuing on with our previous article on Money Saving Tips in 2018, we’re looking here at more ways you can improve the savings you can make on your tax bill. Gifting (Tax & Inheritance) Many…