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How to consolidate pensions wisely

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Consolidating your pensions (“combining” them into a single scheme) can offer a valid way to streamline your retirement savings, potentially reducing fees and management hassle. However, the process of combining pensions is complex.

What is a general investment account? A short guide

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A general investment account (GIA) can be thought of a bit like a regular savings account, except you are putting your money into investments – e.g. bonds and shares – rather than cash. What makes…

Life insurance and cancer – what you need to know

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According to Macmillan Cancer Support, someone is diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds in the UK. Around half of us will get cancer at some stage, in some form. Given these numbers, it is understandable…

Are bonds tax free? Your gilt questions answered

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Bonds can be a powerful asset class to include in an investor’s portfolio. Yet how do they work, exactly? How do they relate to taxes, and what can you do to “shield” your returns (e.g.…