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Every business is exposed to risks in their day-to-day operations, some may be at a greater risk due to the nature of their business, but all businesses are exposed. Without business protection to cover against some of these risks, businesses would find it difficult to operate efficiently and profitably.

Adequate business protection is therefore not a luxury; but an absolute necessity.

Businesses often insure tangible assets like car fleets, machinery and buildings, in the same way as homeowners insure their houses and contents such as televisions, computers and furniture. There are also different types of business protections that can help you protect your business against losses that arise from certain events.

There are numerous types of business protections for small businesses to consider, some of which are compulsory and others that are advisable, including:

  • Keyperson Insurance – to cover the costs of death or incapacity of a key member of staff, help cover the recruitment costs of temporary or permanent replacement and income protection for keypersons.
  • Directors and Staff Benefits Protection – to cover director and employee benefits such as pensions, life insurance and bonuses. Including auto-enrolment pensions, group pension arrangements and executives/principals pensions.

At Castlegate, we recommend seeking the advice of an experienced independent financial adviser to discuss your needs and find a solution based on the unique circumstances of your business.

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