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Are you looking for help with your pension, investments or another area of financial planning from a specialist in Newark? At Castlegate, our team has spent over 25 serving the East Midlands and clients within its towns – including Grantham, Lincoln and Newark. Whether you are looking for help with a specific financial planning need (e.g. protection) or need help tying the various aspects of your plan together, we are here to help.

Newark is a beautiful, historic town with people from many walks of life. Almost all are looking to achieve a specific set of goals for their future. Maybe this is building a fund which allows them to retire early and travel the world. Or, maybe someone wishes to be mortgage-free and achieve financial independence as soon as possible. There is no “one-size-fits-all” financial plan; only people with dreams and goals. At Castlegate, we help you identify these goals and construct a realistic plan to achieve them.

We cover a wide range of financial planning areas including pensions, estate planning (IHT, or inheritance tax), protection, tax planning, planning for long term care and helping business owners with financial planning. We also offer wealth management for those with complex asset bases who need a knowledgeable, steady pair of hands to optimise and help everything over the years – allowing you to focus on the things in life that you enjoy.

Ultimately, our goal at Castlegate is to help you make wiser decisions with your money – so that you can use it best on the things that matter. If you are based in or around Newark and would like to speak to a financial planner about how you can do this, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch to arrange a free, no-commitment consultation with our team, today.

Who are Castlegate?

Castlegate is a team of financial planners based across Lincolnshire – covering towns such as Grantham, Newark and Skegness. Since 1994, we have served clients across the area and come to attain the status of Chartered Financial Planners; widely seen as the “gold standard” in the UK’s financial planning space. This means that you not only can speak to a financial adviser conveniently, but also attain leading insight and help which is not readily available elsewhere.

If you would like to talk to us about your financial planning needs, we would love to have that conversation with you. Get in touch to arrange a no-commitment consultation, at our expense.

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Lucy Guinness

Financial Planner

In early 2023, Lucy became a member of the Castlegate team, contributing technical support and conducting research for our team…

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Chartered Status

Castlegate Financial Management is a well established independent financial advisory business that has achieved chartered status.

Financial Planning Video

Watch our new video and discover how financial planning works, and how it helps you preserve and grow your wealth…


Mr M Day

“I would recommend Castlegate Financial Management for their guidance and expertise in the process of recommending an appropriate investment product.”


Mr A & Mrs V Trumper

“With expertise such as this we could certainly recommend Castlegate to anyone wishing to seek financial advice.”


Mr D Maclaren

‘I’m very grateful and value what you do for me”.


Mr W & Mrs S Oakes

“We are pleased with the advice and action you provided last year and the resultant benefits for the pension plan.”


Mr S Weedon

“I called on Castlegate Financial Management to guide me through my investment options when I retired. I was delighted with their very professional and thorough service.”


Mrs J Kirk

“Thank you for looking after our investments, your help has been much appreciated.”


Mrs I Morland

“Thank you for your support and advice over 20+ years. It’s always been a comfort to know you have been at the other end of the phone.”


Mr M Crush

“I am extremely grateful for all your help, your professional advice and your follow-up; all of which made this transfer of funds so swift and efficient.”

Pensions & Investments

A well prepared pension plan which is regularly reviewed should go some way to providing you with a reasonable level of income in your retirement.
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If you are looking for a financial adviser in Newark or the surrounding areas, speak to an adviser today on 01476 855 585 or book a consultation below.