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Do I need to change my life insurance if I have a child?

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Having a child is an exciting, tiring and very different chapter of life. Many changes will have come to your lifestyle and thinking about life insurance might seem lower on the list of your immediate…

Bonds in 2020 – how have they been affected?

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Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was an investment asset which has a negative correlation with stocks (equity), which tends to rally when stock markets crash and which is easy to buy or sell (i.e.…

How to give wealth away tax-efficiently

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There are many benefits to giving money and assets to charity. Not only is there the sense of fulfilment which often comes with generosity, but there can also be important tax benefits. Here, our financial…

A guide to life insurance for over-50s

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For someone in their 50s or over, a whole-of-life insurance policy is often an attractive option for protecting your financial plan. It provides a tax-free lump sum to your loved ones, in the event of…
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