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How Inflation Can Erode A Pension Plan

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Why do things get more expensive over time, and what impact can this have on your savings plan for retirement? Inflation refers to the gradual increase in prices for services and goods, within a particular…

How to Mentally Prepare for Retirement

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During your career, it isn’t uncommon for Sunday evenings to be a foreboding experience as we look ahead to a week of work. In those moments, the thought of retirement can be blissful. After all,…
Grandfather with two grandchildren, illustrating the importance of later life planning and drawing upon the wisdom of a financial adviser to help you enjoy retirement

Planning Your Estate? 5 Tips to Avoid Family Disputes

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When it comes to the subject of inheritance, most of us will have heard horror stories about families (even happy ones) being torn apart by arguments over the family wealth. One recent story in The…
A financial adviser in Lincoln welcomes a new team member

4 Tips to Cut Your Capital Gains Tax

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When you sell something at a profit (e.g. company shares), then chances are you will need to factor in a capital gains tax (CGT) on that profit. In the UK there are two main types…
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