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Good news for investors

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Spring is with us, the days are lengthening and the daffodils are flowering. It is a time of rejuvenation and I am pleased to add to the seasonal optimism. Castlegate has negotiated specially reduced charges…
Independent Financial Adviser in Nottingham discusses pension funds

Pensions 2017: How Changes May Affect You

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This year is likely to witness many changes that could affect your pensions, such as Brexit, a threat to tax relief and the change to the state pension age, but how could these changes affect…
Independent Financial Adviser in Lincoln discusses nest eggs

Build a Nest Egg for when your Children need it

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The thought of a child flying the coop and leaving the family home can be a daunting thought for parents, with many asking how will their fledgling cope financially. Parents and family members often do…
IFA in Lincoln discusses what to do if you lose track of your pension

What to do if you have Lost Track of your Pension

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It is estimated that one in five people have lost track of at least one of their pensions, with two in five being unsure of how much they have put into their pension pot. Losing…
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